Fluid Systems Course

Open to all Engineering students, including Coop

Fluid Systems will teach participants the fundamental skills required for rudimentary pipe and tubing assemblies. This course focuses on pipe and tube, and an introduction to pumps and valves.  Students will learn how to identify sealing thread types, the differences between pipe and tube, pipe fitting basics including pipe thread cutting and assembly, compression tube fitting and bending, and methods for fluid system leak testing.  Learn how to identify and apply different types of pumps and valves.

Comprised of theoretical lectures, demonstrations and videos, learning will be reinforced by hands-on work using industry standard tools and methods.  The course Instructor is a Certified Machinist and Engineering Technician.

Fluid Systems – 3 Friday afternoons, total 9 hours
Friday afternoons:  dates will be announced soon
1:00-4:00 pm
$200 per student
Includes all materials needed for project and a handbook.