Faculty Associates

Name Email Research
Beatson, Rodger
Rodger_Beatson@bcit.ca Chemical pulping, pulp bleaching, mechanical pulping,  brightening, chemical and biological treatments of chemical and mechanical pulps
Bi Xiaotao (Tony) xbi@chbe.ubc.ca Biomass and clean energy, pollution prevention and control, high quality pellets production by biomass torrefaction and steam explosion, life cycle analysis and industrial ecology
Branion, Richard M.R. branion@chbe.ubc.ca Wastewater Treatment of Pulp and Paper Mill Effluents; Fluid Mechanical Behaviour of Hydrocyclones Operating on Pulp Suspensions; Microbiological Leaching of Metals from Sulfide Minerals
Brumer, Harry brumer@msl.ubc.ca Enzyme applications in papermaking, cellulose fibre modification, and biomass processing, enzymology, carbohydrate/polysaccharide chemistry and biochemistry
Davies, Michael S. miked@ece.ubc.ca Control Loop Performance Modelling; Wavelet Analysis of Paper Machine Cross Machine and Machine Directions Process Variations from Scanned Data; Modelling of Paper Machine Wet End Process Variations
Dumont, Guy A. guyd@ece.ubc.ca Robust Cross-Directional Control; Wavelets in Paper Machine Control; Stabilization of Paper Machine Wet End; Multi-Tank Averaging Level Control; Dual Adaptive Control
Englezos, Peter peter.englezos@ubc.ca Environmental and Energy Aspects of Clathrate or Gas Hydrates; Thermodynamics for Process Design and Environmental Protection; Water and Colloid Chemistry in Papermaking (Papermaking Chemistry)
Gates, Derek P. dgates@chem.ubc.ca Inorganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Materials Science, Catalysis
Gooding, Robert W. goodingr@interchange.ubc.ca Fluid mechanics, flow visualization, pulp Screening, fibre separation, recycling.
Gopaluni, Bhushan gopaluni@chbe.ubc.ca Process modeling and control, identification, experimental design, adaptive estimation for non-linear systems.
Grace, John R. jgrace@chbe.ubc.ca Fluidized Bed Hydrodynamics and Modelling; Sequestration of CO2 using Cyclic Sorbent Carbonation and Calcination; Gasification and Combustion of Biomass; Feeding of Biomass; Attrition of Particles
Green, Sheldon I. green@mech.ubc.ca Fluid Mechanics; Forming Section Hydrodynamics; Pulp Fibre Separation; Pulp Pump Efficiency; Non-Newtonian Sprays
Hall, Eric R. ehall@civil.ubc.ca Occurrence and treatment of plant sterols in pulp and paper mill effluents
James, Brian R. brj@chem.ubc.ca
Kerekes, Richard J. kerekes@chbe.ubc.ca Papermaking; Fibre Processing
Kozak, Robert rob.kozak@ubc.ca Forest-dependent communities in transition; International development & poverty alleviation; Value-added strategies; Forest certification & corporate social responsibility; Forest sector sustainability & competitiveness; Marketing, management & consumer behaviour
Mansfield, Shawn D. shawn.mansfield@ubc.ca Tree biotechnology; Relationship between genes expression and phenotypic fibre characteristics; Lignocellulosic chemistry and ultrastructure; Fibre morphology and chemistry as related to the formation and properties of paper; Enzyme applications in the pulp and paper industry; Mechanism(s) of cellulose hydrolysis; Enzyme-substrate interactions
Martinez, D. Mark martinez@chbe.ubc.ca Hydrodynamics of Paper Machines; Flow Visualization
Merida, Walter walter.merida@ubc.ca Biorefinery technologies, biomass to energy conversion, bio-hydrogen, thermo-mechanical system design, heat transfer, thermodynamics
Meyboom, AnnaLisa Ameyboom@sala.ubc.ca Integration of Architecture and Engineering. Product application, development and cultural applications.
Mohseni, Madjid mmohseni@chbe.ubc.ca Environmental Bioprocess Engineering; Biological Hydrogen Production from Wood Based Carbon Sources; Biofiltration; Biological Wastewater Treatment; Advanced Oxidation; Photocatalysis
Neumann, Oliver oneumann@sala.ubc.ca Conceptual and contextual references for applications of digital media and digital fabrication technologies in architecture; material developments and properties, design methodologies, and economic and ecological building methods.
Oloman, Colin W. colo@chbe.ubc.ca Electro-brightening of Mechanical Pulp; Electro-synthesis of Alkaline Peroxide
Olson, James A. james.olson@ubc.ca Fluid mechanics, turbulent fibre suspensions, fibre recycling, screening, cleaning, low consistency refining, repulping, forming, fibre and paper properties.
Phillion,André andre.phillion@ubc.ca X-ray imaging of pulp and paper products; 3D characterization of paper architecture; micro-mechanical modelling
Saddler, Jack jack.saddler@ubc.ca Biorefinery, microbial/enzymatic modification of biomass/pulp/fibre, bioconversion/bioenergy/biofuels, policy aspects of bioenergy/biomaterials use and production, International Energy Agency (IEA) related activities. Project Chair of FPB/Bioenergy Group
Salcudean, Martha E. msal@interchange.ubc.ca Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer; Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer; Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer; Mathematical Modelling of Transport Phenomena
Stoeber, Boris boris.stoeber@ubc.ca microfluidics, sensing technology
Trajano, Heather heather.trajano@ubc.ca Biomass Conversion, Biorefinery, Pretreatment, Chemocatalysis, Pulp and Paper, Kinetic Modeling, Transport Phenomena
Tromans, Des des@cmpe.ubc.ca Corrosion and Passivity of Metals; Thermodynamic and Fracture Mechanics Modeling of the Dissolution and Fracture of Minerals
Watkinson, A. Paul apw@chbe.ubc.ca Combustion of Salt-Laden Hog Fuel