Pulp and Paper Centre

We are now planning for the phased resumption of on-campus research at PPC. Please check our Building Safety Plan PPC for more details.

We are working from home.


A University-Industry Partnership for Innovation and Education
The Pulp and Paper Centre (PPC) is an inter-disciplinary, cross-faculty research centre with specialized laboratories and offices for graduate students, post doctoral fellows, research engineers and faculty who conduct research for the benefit of the current and future pulp and paper industry. PPC serves to bring together faculty and student researchers to work collaboratively with the manufacturing industry, utilities, supplier industry, consultants and government agencies. PPC also serves as a point of entry for the industry looking to the university for innovative solutions, new technology and educational programs. PPC brings together the faculties of Applied Science, Forestry and Science, with participation of the Departments of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metals and Materials Engineering, Chemistry and the School of Architecture.

Read the Director’s Message.