Low Consistency Refining Facility Opening

UBC and Aikawa open the way for low consistency (LC) refining research


“We are now starting up the most state-of-the-art, university-based LC Refining Facility in the world,” says Dr. James Olson, associate head of the University of British Columbia’s Pulp & Paper Centre. “We are grateful to Aikawa for donating this equipment and being long-term partners with the university.”

Aikawa and its subsidiary AFT (Advanced Fiber Technologies) donated the key process equipment – a state- of-the-art single-disc refiner plus a full complement of FINEBAR® refiner plates – to the University of British Columbia so that the university’s Pulp & Paper Centre could perform research in the area of low consistency (LC) refining to improve the energy efficiency of mechanical pulp production.

Masaki Aikawa noted that the ribbon cutting “marked a milestone in what has been described as one of the longest industry/academic research partnerships at UBC (25 years). This most recent contribution underscores our commitment to LC refining research.”

The LC Refining Facility will allow UBC to test new ideas and concepts for fibre pre-treatment, power reduction strategies, advanced controls, and the impact on paper surface qualities. “Of course, we will be eager to perform sponsored research for pulp product development to help the industry further improve its paper products,” Dr. Olson says.