Wet Lab

The Wet Lab at the Pulp and Paper Centre spans across three joined rooms and possess specialized equipment such as a lab sized High Consistency Refiner and a 240 litre Repulper. These labs are used for testing pulp in its wet form for many qualities such as freeness, consistency, fractionation, flake content and more.

The Repulper is a new installation to the lab. It is part of an ongoing research project with the aim to better understand, and improve OCC repulping.

The lab sized High Consistency Refiner has its own room in the Wet Lab. It features a range of 12 inch diameter refiner plates (replicas of standard industry refiner plates) and a 50 horsepower motor.

The Wet Lab also contains an assortment of lab equipment for testing pulp samples such as;

  • Canadian Standard Freeness Tester,
  • Bauer McNett Fractionation tester,
  • Sommerville Screener,
  • Disintegrators,
  • MK Digester,
  • Handsheet Maker,
  • Handsheet Press,
  • Ovens,
  • PFI Mill
  • 20L repulper,
  • Screw Press
  • Centrifuge