The Pulp and Paper Centre houses collaborative post-graduate research and education programs of The University of British Columbia (UBC).  The research program consists of graduate student research supervised by FPInnovations and UBC faculty holding cross-appointments with each organization. Graduate students are assigned office and laboratory space in the Centre. MSc, MASc and PhD degrees are offered through 6 departments of the University of British Columbia. These include the Departments of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metals and Materials Engineering, and Chemistry. We also Have faculty associates in faculties of Forestry, Science and School of Architecture.

The research has a strong focus on engineering,with research supervisors drawn from five engineering departments.

Areas of emphasis include:

(1) Biomaterials production,

(2) Biofuels and energy,

(3) Product development and

(4) Sustainable fibre production.