2011 Douglas Atack Award Winner

Rodger Beatson - PAPTAC Atack Award Winner

Congratulation to Professor Beatson and team- PAPTAC Douglas Atack Award Winners

Montreal – February, 2011

The Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada (PAPTAC) presented the Douglas Atack Award to Professor Beatson and his team at this years Annual Meeting.  The Douglas Atack Award is given for the best paper presented at the mechanical pulping sessions at the previous annual meeting. The winners are Xue Feng Chang, Colin Bridges, David Hu, David Kuan, Lena Kuang, James Olson, Antti Luukkonen, UBC, Canada and Rodger Beatson, BCIT, Canada, for their paper, Saving Electrical Energy by Alkaline Peroxide Pretreatment of TMP prior to Low Consistency Refining, presented at the 2010 PAPTAC Annual Meeting.

Paper Abstract: As part of a program to reduce electrical energy consumption in the refining process, the effects of alkaline peroxide treatments on second stage thermomechanical pulp (TMP) properties before and after lab-scale low consistency refining have been investigated. Highly alkaline peroxide treatments resulted in gains in pulp properties that would allow reduced energy in-put in the second refining stage. The treated pulp was more flexible and more resistant to cutting during subsequent low consistency refining. The improved properties resulted mainly from production of acid groups on the fibre surface or in the fines