Controlling our own destiny:

Professor Bhushan Gopaluni

Professor Gopaluni is a new Faculty Associate of the Pulp and Paper Centre and a relatively new faculty member in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department, joining UBC in 2006.

Dr. Gopaluni’s primary research interests are in Process Modeling and Control. His work involves development of novel algorithms for state and parameter estimation, experiment design, fault detection and control.  He is also interested in related applications in pulp & paper, oil & gas, biotech and biomedical industries.

He has worked extensively on different aspects of cross-directional modeling and control of paper machines. His current interests include control relevant input design and adaptive cross-directional control of paper machines. He is also exploring the use of random sampling methods and variable scanner speeds for reconstruction of cross and machine directional data on paper machines. Apart from his work on paper machines, Dr. Gopaluni is also interested in energy optimization and applications of fault detection and data reconciliation methods in the larger pulp and paper industry.

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