Dr. Joe Zhao appointed Distinguished Professor of Qilu University, Jinan, China

Dr. Joe Zhao (left) received his letter of appointment as Distinguished Professor from Professor Min Ren, Vice-President of QLUT. Fourth from right in back is Dr. Richard Kerekes who accompanied Dr. Zhao to Jinan and gave a seminar to faculty and students.


Dr. Joe Zhao, Adjunct Professor in Chemical and Biological Engineering and alumnus of the UBC Pulp and Paper Centre, was appointed Distinguished Professor at Qilu University of Technology (QLUT) in Jinan, China, on  September 4, 2018,  Jinan is the capital of Shandong province, a major papermaking region of China. QLUT has 21,404 full time students on campus, including 722 postgraduates. Pulp and paper engineering is a major focus of study in this university.

Dr. Zhao will contribute to the direction of a new 5-professor project to produce fibre from a local non-wood source for use in Temperature Control Materials (TCM), a phase-change building material designed to absorb and release heat for energy savings.  TCM was developed in Tri-Y Environmental Research Institute, Vancouver B.C. of which Dr. Zhao is CEO and Chief Scientist. TCM is now in mass production in China.