Theo Van de Ven – Presentation on Novel Products From Cellulose Fibers

Novel Products From Cellulose Fibers

Professor Theo van de Ven

Department of Chemistry

McGill University


Date: Friday February 17th

Time: 3:00pm

Place: Pulp and Paper Centre

2385 East Mall


One of the eight research networks funded under the Forest Sec­tor R&D Initiative is the Innovative Green wood Fibre Products network. The goal of the network is to make renewable materials from cellulose, which can replace fossil-fuel derived materials. We will give an overview of the progress made in the network, as well as that made under a NSERC IRC Chair associated with the network. Examples of cellulose products, such as low density cel­lulose, superhydrophobic cellulose surfaces, cellulose products with a negative hygroexpansion coefficient, cellulose I textiles, transparent films from electrosterically stabilized nanocrystalline cellulose, cellulose products designed for the automotive industry, will be discussed.

Presentation is here