Introduction to Pulp and Paper Technology Course

“Introduction to Pulp and Paper Technology” course is designed for industry professionals (policy makers, safety inspectors, new entrants in the field) as well as graduate and undergraduate students in engineering and the sciences to gain an understanding of mechanical and chemical processes of pulp and its potential as a key ingredient in biomass for novel use.

This is a 3-day course, run once a year in Spring. We’ll post registration details and course updates early March of 2019.

The course design covers 8 modules:

Unit 1: Natural Resources and Mechanical Pulping
Unit 2:  Pulp Processing: Pulp rheology.  Pulp characterization.  Pulp screening, cleaning and low consistency refining.
Unit 3: Pilot Refiner and Screens Pilot Facility Tour: Principles of LC refiner operation and plate design. An overview of the pilot plant setup and operation.
Unit 4: Kraft Pulping, Bleaching and Chemical Recovery
Unit 5:  Papermaking Chemistry: Fillers and their properties, filler retention.  Deposits, foam, dissolved and colloidal material.  Dry and wet strength additives. Sizing.
Unit 6:  Laboratory component – Pulp Testing, Making and Testing Handsheets
Unit 7:  Papermaking: Theory of forming, pressing and drying
Unit 8: Future of bio-products and the bio-economy